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Apologies and Week 4 START!!

Oh dear X____x I'm SOOOO sorry about ignoring this community everybody!! The Holidays and Sophomore papers and lots of school and family stuff (as well as vacations and conventions) have been taking up the majority of my time. I guess I really shouldn't put up excuses though >.< So sorry everyone!! But I'm going to start this thing up again, so I hope you guys will be able to participate!!! <333

Meine Liebe group image

This week’s lyrics:
( Moments - Ayumi Hamasaki )

Note that this is a translation, provided by Centigrade-J and may be a bit tougher to use, but it'll be a nice challenge. You are, of course, allowed to use another song's lyrics...but I'd like to see what you can do with this one ^^

my heart burns,
I smell it burning.
that was the end of my dream
it was the start of everything

I considered that which I yearned for beautiful,
being unattainable makes it even more glorious

the fragments of your burst dream
stab my breast
I mustn't forget,
I'll record it as pain.

if I'm as fleeting as a flower
I want to blossom fully before you
and once I've made sure you're smiling
I will softly scatter myself

you are made to stand
at the edge called desperation
I wonder what it was
you saw from there?

wandering with no where to go,
afraid to touch a heart laid bare
fenced in by sharp barbs.

if I could fly like a bird
I'd fly to you.
and offer my wings
to your wounded back.

if I could flow like the wind,
I would arrive at your side
if I could glow like the moon
I would keep shining upon you

if it'll make it
so you need never see
anything scary ever again
I'll be anything.

As the rules on the main info page state, you may use either

a)The image and the lyrics
b)The image and different lyrics
c)The lyrics and a different image

You may submit up to two icons for this challenge. They must be able to be used on LiveJournal; 100x100 pixels, no more than 40k.

Please submit your icon with the IMAGE SRC AND URL as shown below. If you do not use the above image, please state what series your image is from; if you do not use the above lyrics, please state the song and artist of the lyrics you use. Fanart, Doujinshi, and cosplay images are allowed if 1) they are your own or 2) if they are up for public use. If you use brushes and/or borders created by someone else, please state the username of the creator.

Series: Angel Sanctuary (only needed if not using the provided image)

Good luck and you have until Friday 11 pm EST to submit! All comments are screened. If you need any help or have questions, don't be afraid to ask! Be sure to post questions separate from the icon entry though, just to make it easier for me.

Thank you!
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