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Kaori Yuki Chorus

~A Kaori Yuki Icon Awards Community~

Kaori Yuki Icon Chorus
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Welcome to Kaori Yuki Chorus, an icon awards community based off the ideas of clamp_chorus and final_chorus. Each week we (the moderators) will post the lyrics of a song and an image from a Kaori Yuki manga and you (the iconists and members of the community) will have the (optional) job of using one or the other to make an icon! ^_^

[o1.] You can only enter one icon per challenge.
[o2.] No cheating, as in stealing someone's else's icon and claiming it as yours.
[o3.] Kaori Yuki icons only!
[o4.] You may not use, show, or post the icon you enter anywhere else until the week's challenge is over.
[o5.] No explicit imagery or language may be included on the icons; please keep your submissions to a PG-13 and below rating.
[o6.] In creating an icon for a challenge, you must use either a.) the image provided and the lyrics provided, b.) the image provided and different lyrics, or c.) the lyrics provided and a different image.
[07.] You may not vote for yourself!!
[o8.] You may vote for two icons in each category if there are more than 10 icons total. I will let you know if and when you may do this.
[09.] The mods will most likely enter their own icons into the contest and are allowed to win as well, but you can trust us in that WE WILL NOT CHEAT TO MAKE OURSELVES WIN. EVER. We're not those kind of people ^_^;

Friday ~ A new challenge is posted.
Friday-Saturday/Sunday ~ Voting takes place.
Late!Sunday/Monday ~ Winners are announced.

Due to all of us (the moderators) having to deal with school, jobs, and a number of other things that might randomly pop up in our personal life, some of the times may change without notice. But we will try to keep up with the voting and tallying as well as we humanly can.

[Best Overall] The icon picked as the best out of all the icons submitted that week.
[Best Adaption] The best adaption of the lyrics and image to icon form.
[Most Inventive] The most creative use of the lyrics and image in an icon.
[Best Coloring] The best use of color in an icon.
[Mod's Choice] Each of the Moderator's will choose the icon that they like the best.
*Please note that these categories will only be in effect if we have more than 10 icons. Otherwise we will go by the traditional voting system of picking your favorite 3 icons in order of your preferance: 1st will get 3 points, 2nd two points, and 3rd one point.


We are currently looking for people willing to help out with banners for the winner's. If you are interested, email one of us (or comment) and we will get back to you ASAP.

Count Cain/God Child wallpaper created by Leguman

All images used herein are Copyright Kaori Yuki. We claim no ownership of anything except the icons that we ourselves make.

If you would like to use an icon you see here, YOU MUST CONTACT THE CREATOR OF SAID ICON AND GET THEIR PERMISSION FIRST. We can not grant you permission to use an icon, only the maker can.