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Kaori Yuki Chorus

~A Kaori Yuki Icon Awards Community~

2/17/05 04:46 pm - maplecroix - Apologies and Week 4 START!!

Oh dear X____x I'm SOOOO sorry about ignoring this community everybody!! The Holidays and Sophomore papers and lots of school and family stuff (as well as vacations and conventions) have been taking up the majority of my time. I guess I really shouldn't put up excuses though >.< So sorry everyone!! But I'm going to start this thing up again, so I hope you guys will be able to participate!!! <333

This week’s image: ( Meine Liebe group shot )Collapse )

This week’s lyrics: ( Moments - Ayumi Hamasaki )Collapse )

As the rules on the main info page state, you may use either

a)The image and the lyrics
b)The image and different lyrics
c)The lyrics and a different image

You may submit up to two icons for this challenge. They must be able to be used on LiveJournal; 100x100 pixels, no more than 40k.

Please submit your icon with the IMAGE SRC AND URL as shown below. If you do not use the above image, please state what series your image is from; if you do not use the above lyrics, please state the song and artist of the lyrics you use. Fanart, Doujinshi, and cosplay images are allowed if 1) they are your own or 2) if they are up for public use. If you use brushes and/or borders created by someone else, please state the username of the creator.


Series: Angel Sanctuary (only needed if not using the provided image)

Good luck and you have until Friday 11 pm EST to submit! All comments are screened. If you need any help or have questions, don't be afraid to ask! Be sure to post questions separate from the icon entry though, just to make it easier for me.

Thank you!

12/6/04 01:14 am - maplecroix

And the winner is....Collapse )

12/4/04 12:38 am - maplecroix - Week 3 voting

Um, ok. We only got three entries this week x.x; And I assume that's because of the holidays coming up and everything, so it's ok. Starting next week, I'm going to implement a totally new idea for this community. You'll see Sunday ^_~

So since we only have three icons, I'm just going to have everyone vote for your favorite out of the three. Again, only your favorite, your first choice. Just pick one u_u; And there will only be one winner. And yeah =/

VotingCollapse )

Vote, vote, vote! All comments screened as usual.

11/26/04 05:00 pm - maplecroix

Um, we only have two entries for this week, and I suspect that that's because of the holidays, so i'm goign to give you all an extra week to submit up to two entries following the rules posted here. Submit there too.

So now, the contest will end next Friday, the 3rd of December. That gives you all plenty of time to make some (or more) icons, so get to it y'all! >_>

11/24/04 01:42 am - maplecroix

Eeek, this is your mid-week reminder to get your icons submitted!!! Please refer to this post to submit your icons. All the rules and guidlines are posted there too.

And here're the banners for the winners of Week 2! Thanks so much for ataraxia for rolling them out so quickly! <3 You're a blessing ^^

Week 2 BannersCollapse )

11/21/04 09:20 pm - rix - Week 2; Winners

Winners below the cut!Collapse )

Thank you all for your participation and for gracing us with your lovely icons. Good job! Also - don't forget to go one entry back and submit for next week.

11/21/04 08:59 pm - rix - Week 3; Submit

Image - Boys Next DoorCollapse )

Lyrics - A Perfect Circle, 'The Outsider'Collapse )

GuidlinesCollapse )

11/19/04 06:28 pm - rix - Voting; Week Two

Since our lovely mod is at SugoiCon for the weekend, I will be filling in. Also, since she's not here, we're going to stick to voting 1st, 2nd, 3rd and not introduce categories until she gets back, or until she chooses to. I'm only a sub, after all.

I'm aware that I'm posting the voting a little early; I don't know if I'll be able to later on tonight, so I'm going to do it now -- as opposed to waiting until tomorrow. If you have a late entry, please comment here telling me that you've submitted your icon late. However, if you do this, please submit your icon here.

This is the voting for Week Two, using either this image or lyrics from Coin Operated Boy by the Dresden Dolls. We have a total of eight entries this week, all of them lovely. When voting, please use this format:

1st; 30
2nd; 11
3rd; 42


30, 11, 42

However you choose to vote, please make sure it's clear where you're placing what, okay? The voting system basically works like this; any time you vote for an icon in 1st place, it recieves three points. Second place is two points and third place is one point. The icon with the most points wins 1st, second most wins 2nd, third wins 3rd. Makes sense, eh?

You may only vote one time and you may only vote for your own icon if you absolutely love it more than all the others. Now, let's get to the voting!

Voting; Week TwoCollapse )

Remember; voting ends at midnight on Sunday (November 21st, 2004), so let's get those votes in!

11/17/04 12:00 am - maplecroix

Hey everyone! This is your mid-week reminder! Remember that you have until Friday, November 19th 2004 at 11pm EST to submit icons! We only have 4 icons so far, so get creating ASAP!

Please make sure all icons follow the rules of the community, and remember, you may (and are urged to) submit up to 2 icons at this post. Submit with the Image SRC, the URL of the image, and the series/character if not using the image provided.

Thanks, and good luck! And have fun!

11/15/04 07:05 pm - maplecroix

Week 1 Banners!Collapse )

Remember to submit icons for this week! We have 4 lovely icons thus far, so keep em coming! Refer to this post for submitting icons.
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